I liked the shows I went to; I wish I could go to more. But the thing I remember is the girls. New Jersey Transit runs special trains to the Meadowlands for MetLife shows, and they brought out extra staff to direct girls through the gates to Secaucus. Knots of New Jersey…

Thank you to Karen and Geoff who did the deed 21 years and 9 months ago and gave us this ball of sunshine
Harry being a fucking MENACE FOR LIAM’S BIRTHDAY (via giggleshrug)
things that have no chill



-automatic toilets

-people who clap when the plane lands

Taylor Swift on Nicki Minaj for the iHeartRadio Music Festival.

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*wakes up* what the fuck

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We’re not trying to be anything that we’re not. We’re not ‘the new’ anything. We’re the first 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER.

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*unbaes you*

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